viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

¿Por qué ir a la escuela?

Vídeo bastante inspirador de John Green (autor de libros como "Paper Towns", "Looking for Alaska" o "An abundance of Katherines". Creo que se emociona demasiado en algunos puntos (y se le va el puntero en otros, véase el final del vídeo xD), pero el mensaje está claro.

"Here's the thing, when you watch the Curiosity land, it is far more moving and exciting if you understand the physics and the maths and the history behind that moment."
"French is useful, because the French do speak English, but  they pretend not to."
"The whole pleasure of being a human is in being stupid, and learning to be less stupid together."
"School is not about you. School doesn't exist for your benefit, or for the benefit of your parents. Schools exist for the benefit of ME. The reasons I pay taxes for schools, even though I don't have a kid in school, is that I'm better off in an educated world. I pay for schools because I want you to grow up and make my life better. I want you to make me beautiful books that will bring me pleasure, I want you to make me cooler cars to drive, and drugs so that I can live a longer healthier life. I am paying for your education in the hopes that you make a microwave pizza with actually crispy crust and that you'll spread the availability of the Internet so I can give more Youtube use in Zambia."
"Your nation is making an investment in you because they believe that you are worth it."
(Comentarios especialmente sobre el último punto: Así debería ser, una nación prospera cuanta mejor educación tengan sus habitantes. Pero visto lo visto no en todas partes piensan igual, viendo los recortes en educación que se están haciendo por tierras ibéricas y la subida en las tasas universitarias... :( )